Event Schedule

All events held at the Holiday Inn - Downtown Alexandria


1pm: Choice of TOUR 

We will offer your choice of a tour of two special agricultural highlights in our area starting at 1pm. You can choose from Inglewood Farm - a 500 acre organic farm - or a guided hike through Kisatchie Forest.

6pm: Reception

At 6pm there will be a fun reception with music, food, drinks and friends. 


8am: Conference

Full of inspiring talks and speakers, prepare to leave EMPOWERED!

Join us February 22-23, 2018 for an inspirational event open to all women in agriculture in Louisiana. We are PROUD of our amazing farmers, and want to invite you to join in for a night of fun and networking, and a day filled with empowering speakers. 

It is our goal to provide SUPPORT, EMPOWERMENT and EDUCATION to our amazing Women in Agriculture who are Growing Louisiana’s Future! This year's conference is being held in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Location: Holiday Inn Downtown Alexandria (Special room rates available if reserved up to 30 days before event)

Thursday we will offer your choice of a tour of two special agricultural highlights in our area, ending with a fun reception with music, food, drinks and friends. 


Sarah Calhoun

She was raised on a farm in rural Connecticut and joins us from White Sulphur Springs, Montana. Sarah was tired of wearing men's work pants, so she created a line of women's work pants that would fit and flatter women, while functioning. She started the Red Ants Pants Foundation, supporting women's leadership, working family farms and ranches and rural communities. 


Kimberly Ratcliff

In 2007, Kimberly joined her family ranch after leaving her job with Bloomberg in New York City. She completed the Texas Christian University "Ranch Management Program", and then successfully combined her financial and ranch training to increase productivity not only at her family operation, but also with other producers in the area, including 100 acres of her own. Kimberly’s passion is providing career information and educational opportunities for other ranchers and youth.

Lady Farmer

Of the over 26,000 farms in
Louisiana, 3,500 of them are
primarily operated by women.

All of these women in agriculture need our support, and any education we can provide them to help fuel their success is our goal. We are THANKFUL for these tireless workers, and the abundant bounty they provide for us, our families and our country.

Join us in empowering these women and giving them the knowledge and community to be as successful as possible as they grow Louisiana's future.